Paul Rees Wedding Photography Newquay Cornwall

Terms & Conditions

If you make a booking with ‘Paul Rees Wedding Photographer’ to photograph your wedding the following Terms and Condition apply;

1. All prices are correct at time of booking and no extra costs will be charged unless extra services are added at a later date.

2. The images are your property and you may use them in any manner or form that you wish.

3. We reserve the right to use some images for promotional purposes on our website.

4. The booked package will include everything as stated on our website, extras can be added upon request but may involve a charge. Timings are approximate.

5. All images are edited using Photoshop and will be supplied on USB or disc format, all images are high resolution JPG's, editing will be done in our photography style. Re-editing will incur charges.

6. Images supplied may vary in number, usually between 250-600 depending upon the amount of guests and time length of your package.

7. You are accepting the photography style as portrayed upon our website and grant us artistic license to create images in this way. My style is reportage, which is relaxed and informal. You are accepting our photography style by making your booking and are happy for the pictures to be taken in this way. Our photographic decisions are what we feel are right and our way of producing imagery and these decisions are final.

8. Requested photographs. Although we are informal/relaxed we will endeavour to meet any required photography lists, but cannot be held responsible for missed shots caused by missing people, poor weather conditions, lack of co-operation and timing logistics. It is your responsibility to ensure that the people and family members are available for these shots and that they are fulfilled, non fulfilment of any list is not our responsibility.

9. Registrars and vicars will impose a no flash rule in Cornwall regardless of how dark a venue may be, also a number will request non movement of myself during ceremonies to prevent distraction. This may limit photos of the ceremony. These rules are not ours but Cornwall Councils and they are always enforced at all venues.

10. In the highly unlikely event of illness we will endeavour to supply a back up photographer, in the extremely highly unlikely event of not being able to do this we have indemnity insurance to refund the total cost of your photography, this is limited to a maximum of the total paid by you for our services, it does not cover the total cost of your wedding.

11. All venues are different and we always do test shoots at the locations to ensure smooth running upon your day.

12. Timings are crucial in wedding photography and suggest you allow plenty of time for photographs after your ceremony, usually an hour and a half for group
formals and a trip to the beach etc, this will be beneficial to the overall quality of your pictures. We cannot be held responsible for lack of time and missed shots.

13. Co-operation is very important during wedding photography and ask that during group pictures etc that a family member or best man can assist us in organising people.

14. All deposits are non-refundable, cancellation of services less than 12 weeks prior to the event will be liable for payment in full.

15. Photographs will be delivered no later than 5 weeks after your wedding, they are sent using a signed for royal mail service. We strongly advise that you make at least 2 copies. We will keep your images on file for 2 months after your wedding.

16. Guests with cameras. We welcome other guests to take pictures but kindly ask to let us go about our work first.

17. Children are great fun at weddings and are usually up to something they shouldn’t be!!, if for any reason a guest would rather not have their child photographed please make aware to ourselves.

18. Health and safety. We will not put any guests in vulnerable positions which will compromise yours and ourselves personal health and safety.

19. Equipment. Our photography equipment is very expensive and we carry at least 6 cameras with back up lenses and flashes for your peace of mind.

20. Family Tensions. You must make us aware of any family tensions, this will help us on the day to avoid making people have photos taken with somebody they would rather not.

21. Our photography indemnity insurance covers the cost of memory card failure and loss of images, this is extremely highly unlikely but it is in place for your peace of mind. The total returnable will be the total cost paid to us by yourselves.